Take a step in buying a gun safe

Buy a gun safe

Maybe you want to feel more protected, or maybe someone gave it to you as an inheritance or a gift, or maybe your job requires you have one, that does not matter. For whatever reason you own a firearm, it is not an offense. However, it is obvious that you will need to have it stored safely. As we all know, it might not be an easy task to buy a new firearm. It takes a lot of sacrifice, patience and research to get the gun that will satisfy your requirements. You will have to make several consultations with experts, and also make several trips to the stores before landing on a better gun. Such a hectic experience needs to be experienced once, and not severally, and that is why, when you have acquired a firearm, you have to keep or store it safely. One of the pertinent storage for firearms is gun safes.

At times, it is not always guaranteed that when you purchase a firearm, you will automatically be given its safe. If you are not given one, or if you get one that has low quality, then you might opt for gun safes. Mostly, gun safes are made with the high quality expected and thus, this is the best way to acquire a storage system for your firearm. One thing you ought to understand is that, firearm storage does not only keep your gun safe, but also, it gives you a quicker access to your ammunition. If you consider the above while purchasing a gun, you will be in a position to protect your investment and at the same time, make a good use of it, when an emergency of using it arises.

All that you have to consider is the type of gun safe you want. For instance, there are those gun safes that are digitized and those that have a finger print recognition tool, while others simply use a key of a combination lock. Among the above option of gun safes, you should consider the one that will suit both your pocket and your primary use. Sizes of gun safes usually differ from one gun safe to another. For example, some models and designs are capable to store several ammunition, shotguns as well as rifles while other gun safes are only designed to store only one hand gun. The choice is yours, whether you want the one that stores many firearms or the one that stores only one hand gun.

Generally, what you should expect when you want to get gun safes is its capacity, dependability, fire rating, and protection from water or water proof and ease-of-use. In so doing, you will definitely get a gun safe, that will not only meet your primarily requirements, but also the secondary requirement. The primary requirement entails the ease to access your firearm, and the ease to keep it locked safely. However, the secondary needs can include the need to keep it away from external hazards and to lengthen its life span. All of which is centered upon storage system.

Materials used to manufacture gun safes

Apart from the above features, you should also understand the materials that were used to make the gun safes you want to buy. It is not advisable, to just walk into a shop, and get a safe from there without considering the materials by which the safe was made from. This is pertinent because, as much as gun safes are meant to protect your gun, at times some gun safes can not sustain a gun inside it for a longer time, under a certain temperature. To avoid hazards like powder igniting, you have to check the materials that were used to make a gun safe, and how long can the safe be able to accommodate a gun. You might also be forced to use a dehumidifier with regards to the type of materials used to manufacture a gun safe. This will prevent your weapons from rusting, since dehumidifier will try to regulate the amount of moisture found in the gun safe.

Benefits of a gun safe

When you buy gun safe, you will definitely be protecting your family. Although you might have spent a lot of money training your kids on how to observe proper gun safety, your neighbors’ kids might not understand what gun safety is. You can guess if your neighbor’s kids will be holding a gun, where will that gun be pointing at? A life time of regret can simply be cause with just one curious kid, and therefore, to ensure such a thing does not happen, it is better you go in for gun safe, and purchase one. This will definitely control any unwanted or accidental experience you might face. Buying a safe gun that has a lock is better since, even if the kids might accidentally get a safe gun, they might not be able not be able to open it hence, they will forget about it after several unsuccessful trials, and then they will go ahead with other activities.

Another benefit is protection of assets. Apart from holding guns alone, many gun safes are design to hold extra valuables such as jewelries, wills as well as business papers. Therefore, when you purchase a gun safe, you will also have purchased extra storage medium. Lastly, gun safe can protect your investment. As stated earlier, the actual buying of a firearm is not easy, in that you will have undergo several procedures before landing on a gun safe you desire, a gun safe will also protect your investment. Essentially, buying of gun safes demonstrates how valuable a gun is to you, and that you will be keeping it safe, to make it last longer. Therefore, the investment you made on it will be protected. Of course, no one will feel okay to invest in something that cannot last. Bravo to gun safe since they will always make your gun last longer.


Gun cabinet

If you’re a proud owner of guns and keep them close by in your home, a gun cabinet may be the best investment you could get, other than the guns themselves. Safety is a primary concern for any household, but one with guns in it should regard safety even higher than normal. A gun cabinet is the safest and easiest way to allow a collector to keep his collection close at hand for cleaning, repair and just general use.A gun cabinet works quite simply, it locks the firearms tightly away from younger eyes and those who generally cannot be trusted to handle a weapon of such caliber. Cabinets generally involve a locking mechanism, usually a dial that only you know the combination for, at least on longer safes. Smaller, more high-tech safes contain a keypad, again, which you should only know the combination. This will allow you to have peace of mind for when you are not at home.The cost of a gun cabinet can set them apart for some; they generally cost around the same or more than the weapons themselves. After purchasing firearms it may be hard for some to splurge a little more and get some sort of a safety net to protect their investment and their family. The cost is well worth it, however.Some gun cabinets can even be collector’s items in their own right. You can have them handcrafted of the finest woods or metals, engraved with signatures or designs and more. The cabinet itself could become part of a collection for a gun owner. Those looking to proudly show off their collection will no doubt want the firearms to look good inside a nice looking case. An impression will be made, so why not make it a good one?A lot of gun owners may face a dilemma after purchasing their firearms or keeping them in their house for long periods of time. They’re proud of their collections and want to show them off to friends and family who visit the house. This can be fine, but safety is, and should be, the top concern with any firearm. Display cabinets can work as a security measure in some households, while still allowing viewers the chance to see the collection of firearms within. Some can be fitted with locks, either mechanical or keypads in order to ensure no one gets into it without authorization from the owner.The problem with a display cabinet, however, is theft. There really is nothing stopping a burglar from gaining access to the weapons within. Display cabinets generally are made with glass doors, allowing people to see inside clearly. This same glass which allows a nice view can make a good target to break apart in the case of a home invasion.

The type of lock you have installed on your cabinet will be a big issue for many. A regular dial lock has its combination set; you can never change it, which may be fine for some, for others that can be an issue. People tend to remember a combination of their own choosing far better than one given to them randomly. If the owner can choose the right combination of numbers, they need not write it down, those it is definitely recommended to do so, just in case. As long as you keep the combination away from prying eyes, your gun cabinet will be safe for quite a long time.

An electronic keypad will allow the owner to change the combination. This is not the same for all keypads, however. Some may allow you to enter your own when you first set it up. While others may allow the combination to be chased at of your own free will. This is infinitely more useful than one single combination, as you can change it at a whim, should you feel it could be safer, or if someone figures out your code. Keeping that number safe and sacred is a top priority to keeping your guns safe.

The problem with electronics is they can falter after time. The safe may be unable to be opened then and a repair team will need to do work on it to ensure it is functional for further use. The cost of maintenance may change depending on the model of your safe or cabinet. Being locked out of your investment is never a fun prospect either. Sometimes going for a more traditional mechanical dial lock is the best bet. The choice is ultimately up to you.

You hear all too often in the news of children getting their hands on firearms owned by their parents and an accident occurs. These accidents can all be avoided quite easily with the use of a cabinet and a good lock. Preventative measures are your best bet when trying to avoid any problems in the future. You really never know what could happen, so making sure you are prepared now is the best chance you have of making it through an ordeal in the future.

Gun cabinets can last a long time. There are some safes still around today after tens, if not hundreds of years. These safes are still highly functional and in working condition, albeit with some rust most likely. It is a lifetime investment in most cases. You may pay the cost once and have enough storage space to hold plenty of weapons in safety. A long term investment like this makes the money worth every penny, you don’t need to worry about replacing the item within a few years and spending those hundreds of dollars all over again.

Those gun owners with children in their homes should definitely consider getting themselves a gun cabinet for some sort of protection. Even if you do not have children, the idea of being robbed and having all those precious firearms stolen and on the streets is enough to ward off the cost of a cabinet. A thousand dollars to protect those weapons can go a long way and should not be taken lightly.

Gun rack

Nowadays, gun storage is not a major problem. You can store your gun in a responsible and safe manner by using a perfect gun rack. A wall gun rack is an example of a storage option that is available to you. However its is  not a substitute for a wall gun safe which can also keep them locked.The rack only allows you to access guns safely and conveniently. There are many different designs of wall rifle racks. The gun holding capacities of these racks are also different. Some can hold a maximum of twenty guns while others can only hold a maximum of four guns. The most appropriate style is available online or offline.

The range that is available online is wider and hence, this choice is better. There is a significant increase in the number of Internet stores that are selling gun racks. Consequently, you can find many affordable ones for sale. A horizontal or vertical wall gun rack is available. It is up to you to choose the one that you want.

Factors to consider when choosing a wall gun rack

You should know that the vertical style can hold the same number of guns as that of a horizontal rack. However, you should consider a few important factors.

First, you need to consider the materials that are used to construct these racks. Metallic items are durable and strong. Hence, they are better. However, you should know that it is possible that some styles could be made by using low quality metal. For this reason, it is helpful for you to read testimonials and reviews. Another common material that is used to make firearm racks is wood. Wooden styles easily match the furniture and home interiors of many people and hence, they opt for them. Hardwoods create lovely designs and strong storage racks. It is easy for people with enough time for the creation of the racks to work with wood.

You can use the usual woodwork tools to finish the job by buying a few pieces. You should shop online if you prefer buying to building a wall rack. Taking a given action is the important thing. The habit of keeping guns where children can reach them or on the floor can be dangerous. You would never know if another careless person who lives in your house uses your gun when you are not there even if you unload it at all times. You need to keep your guns conveniently and securely at all times. Besides, you can ensure that your guns could last longer by storing them on a rack. You ensure that they are always elegant and clean by doing so. However, you do not know the right one that you should choose if you start the task of shopping and selecting today.

Many shoppers are like you because they do not know the right rack that they should buy initially and hence, you are not alone. The most important step is for you to take time to understand. It becomes very easy for you to weigh the options when you do so. In this case, buying building materials and hiring a carpenter may be your best choice. Alternatively, you can do it for yourself. The third choice is the most convenient because it involves the purchase of readily available racks. You can avoid wasting your money if you know how to make a proper choice. Since previous shoppers have bought the gun racks and you have not, you should allow them to give you tips on the buying process. You should find forums, blogs, and other content sites that can guide you on this issue. You should then read them thoroughly until you can determine the wall gun rack that suits you best.

Why a truck gun rack is a must have accessory?

A pickup is only a pickup when it has a gun rack.

You know what a pickup is – this is where you carry out all your activities except that of sleeping and sometimes, you even sleep in your truck. Your pickup might as well be classified as a sedan if it does not have a gun rack in its back window. Of course, the trucks are nowadays fancier. However, a truck gun rack is still a necessity for you because it allows you to stow your gear regardless of how fancy the trucks gussy up your pickup. Whether it is a .22 and the 12-gauge or the work equipment, camping gear and fishing gear, the best way of stowing it is by using a utility/gun rack.

The pickups of today are different from the old F-150 that your father drove. The trucks have many options because they are styled differently and made differently. It does not matter if it is short bed or long bed, extended cab or club cab or regular cab, if you are looking for a rack that will fit perfectly in the new truck that you have just bought, you need to carry out extensive research. You should look for a top quality and durable rack and it is even much better if it is manufactured in the US. The hardware needs to be easy to install without the need to drill inside the truck and sufficient for holding the rack in place even under the most difficult conditions.

Lastly, you need a rack that moves while you are trying to use it. You should remember that a different rack for the solid glass back window would be a necessity for you. You can easily remove your better truck gun racks without causing damage to the interior of the truck and fully assemble them so that you can be up and running within a very short time. It would be better for you to look for a color-coordinated rack that matches the interior of the truck.

If you are an SUV driver, utility racks for your side windows are available. You can easily hit the road if you can stow your gear out of the way without damaging it somewhere. A truck gun rack pays for itself within a very short period because of all these features. It gives you value for your money and hence, you should add it to your pickup.


Gun cases

Benefits of gun cases

In simple terms, a gun case can be defined as a box that is used for storing a gun. The function of a case is mainly to protect the gun from external harm besides proving storage. It also makes it easier to move with a gun from one place to another without much of a hassle. Despite these obvious benefits, there are other advantages of gun cases, but they mainly depend on the types of cases.


Hard sided cases

These types of cases provide maximum protection for guns. They are made of hard exteriors that protect firearms from external forces. The cases are also supplemented with foam padding that keeps firearms in place and protect them from impacts. Some manufacturers make the cases with customizable foams that can be adjusted for the perfect fit of guns.

Soft sided cases

These are versatile cases made of various fabrics including nylon, leather and neoprene. They may not offer the same kind of protection to firearms as hard sided case but are effective altogether when they are used for storage of firearms.


Hard sided cases offer maximum protection to firearms. On top of being hard, the casing is also waterproof ensuring that firearms do not get wet when the cases are in contact with water or fluids. This protects guns from acquiring rust and wearing off. Although this is an advantage of hard sided cases, it can also be a disadvantage in that the tight sealed cases can also block moisture from getting out. This implies that the firearms have to be wiped before they are stored in the cases to avoid the possibility of locking in the moisture.

Soft sided cases also have some advantages. They are light in weight and easy to manage. This is attributed to the fact that they are made of lightweight materials that are less complicated. The materials are also soft in a way that makes the cases to be used as pillows or cushions when not used as housing for firearms.

Materials used

Hard cases comprise of different materials that account for the weight and strength of the cases. Most cases are coated with aluminum for tighter seems. Aluminum can withstand huge external pressure and still protect the firearms inside the case. On top of that, it is also light.

Some manufacturers also use wood because it has an attractive and classy appearance. This sort of appearance is as a result of tweed coverings or leather that is used for covering the wood. The disadvantage of using wood is that it must be used in large quantity in order to be strong and offer maximum protection as the aluminum case.

There are also hard and soft side cases that are reinforced with fiber and plastic materials. These compounds are light in weight and also durable. The materials offer strength and also help in dispersing impacts. There is a huge variety of composite cases. The form of the material is the most important aspect when it comes to choosing the cases. Some are formed with ribbed patterns. These classes of cases have two main benefits, one being structural integrity. Composite cases that contain ribbed construction have little flex implying that the greater the amount of rib, the more the support. The other advantage is that they offer high resistance to impacts. The more the rib patterns, the more resistance the cases offer to impacts.


Case sizes

Most cases are designed in way that they can hold at least one gun. Size of the firearms is also a big factor in determining the size of the case in that the length of the firearm is directly proportional to the size of the case.

Most pistol cases are made to match the needs of a certain pistol and also hold accessories such as cylinders and spare magazines.

Single gun cases are made to protect short guns or single rifles. The cases are more compact and light making transportation easier. Normally, they house riffles with scopes but it is important to make sure that the fit is perfect first. The two-gun case is designed to hold at most two guns, plus they have plenty of room for accessories.


There is no formula to using gun cases. It is a matter of opening and closing the cases but the guns should be placed with care so as not to tear the soft interior covering. If there are any complications, then there must be a manual that shows how to operate the cases.


Gun cases should be stored in places that are low in humidity or places that are not humid at all since some elements are coated with reactive metallic elements that may cause corrosion. The cases should also be placed in locations that are free from dirt since dirt may cause or speed up the wear of the interior covering.

Before firearms are stored in gun cases, it is important that they are wiped off moisture first. This ensures that dirt or moisture is not going to be locked in the cases and cause damage to the firearms. For long term storage, it is better to ensure that the foam is totally dry. The guns should also be carefully wiped with no traces of copper or lead left behind. These elements may react and damage the inner coating of the cases if they are not attended to. Rust inhibiting compounds may be used to reduce the probability of corrosion.

Case cleaning

To obtain the services of gun cases for a longer period of time, it is necessary to clean the exterior of the cases on regular occasions. Gun cases should be left out in a place that has free flow of air to allow for evaporation of moisture. The outer shell should be washed with detergent or mild soap and rinsed with clean water. The outer covering can also last for long if it is wiped on a daily basis with a clean piece of clothing material, particularly if the outer covering is made of metallic compounds.

Gun Safe Accessories Guide

Welcome to Garry’s Gun Safe Accessories where we have aggregated the best product and customer reviews from around the web.  We know that having a durable and reliable safe for your firearms and ammunition is a necessity, and once you have your safe installed, you will be considering which accessories will help you keep your precious cargo organized and accessible. Purchasing a gun safe is a great first step to firearm safety in your home, but keeping your safe well organized is just as important.  Luckily,there are tons of different types of accessories available on the market, and you have come to the right place to discover which products you need, and which are a waste of time, money, and effort. If you are looking for specific product reviews we invite you to please take a look at our reviews listed above in the navigation bar. If you are new to them or just looking to expand your knowledge of safe accessories then this article is the perfect place to begin, and will help you explore the many additions you can make to your gun safe.

1) Safe Lighting 2) Gun Organizers 3) Safe Dehumidifiers 4) Rifle Rods 5) Pistol Hangars and Racks 6) And even more…watch a summary of the article below:

Gun Safe Accessories Help With Gun Safety At Home

Safe Lighting

If your accessing your safe early in the morning before a hunting trip, or late at night during an emergency, then you obsolutely need safe Lighting. If your safe does not come with lighting already installed, consider a small safety light that can be easily included in the back wall or base of your safe. Users have been happy with the safety lights sold by Cannon Safe and Browning, but are also several other cheap motion sensor LED lights which attach themselves magnetically and contain lots of battery life, so that you will not have to worry about replacing it too often. These easy to install lights are available for purchase on amazon, and you can see our top recommended product here. (coming soon)

GNr5-93BL._SL500_AA300_Safe Door Organizer

A door panel organizer is a great way to save space and keep your gun safe organized. If you have a decent collection of firearms then having a door organizer is a necessity.  Just be sure to find a size that matches your safe. Most organizers attach easily to the door of the safe, allowing you extra room on the shelves or inside of your safe. Keep handguns, pistols and other items safely stored on the door, or you can  also store cleaning supplies, or important documents such as passports, licenses, and other paperwork. Being able to quickly take an inventory of your guns is a necessary part of firearm safety in the home, and so we recommend door panel organizers created by the experts at Cannon Safe and Lockdown.  Customers love their high quality products which can easily be found online, but first read our review of our top recommended product here.

Dehumidifiers – Essential Gun Safe Accessories

If you live in a humid area along the coastline, or in a bayou dehumidifiers are a must for protecting your investment in firearms.  These gun safe accessories remove moisture that can gather in small, enclosed areas. You will not need to worry about mold, mildew, or other types of rot growing on your guns, ammunition, weapons, and other items that you store in your safe. Quality dehumidifiers, such as those made by Eva-Dry, Browning and Cannon Safe are easy to install, and some even work off their own renewable energy and do not require any kind of power in order to operate. Everyone should invest in a least one, but if you live in an area like the aforementioned bayou, you will want to buy a larger dehumidifer. The great news is they are an inexpensive purchase, and you can find a great product by both Eva-Dry nP0-vJBFL._SL500_AA300_and Cannon Safe for around $25.00 here, or checkout our buyer guide.

Rifle Rods

As mentioned before organization of your firearms is an important part of gun safety in your home, and rifle rods are great way to organize your rifles. The rods help to hold rifles of various sizes in place, so that they are not easily knocked around. Obviously, this prevents damage to your investment, but more importantly as Jack Burton author of, Gun Safe Haven suggests, rifle rods do such a great job of organizing your safe that they insure that you won’t need to buy a second vault. Check for the cheapest price here, or find our full review here.

Pistol Hangars and Racks

Opening up your gun safe to view your row of pistols displayed at on the top shelf, is a thing of beauty.  But these hangars and racks also save space in your safe and keep all of your pistols visible and easily accessible. Look for a product that is made with vinyl coated metal for extra durability and ease. The most popular hangar, made by Gun Storage Solutions, holds up to four pistols or handguns. Another brand that customers love is Magnum, and they offer hangars that hold a single pistol or multiple handguns.  Read more about pistol hangars here.

While many gun safes come with built in racks to help you organize your collection of rifles, others do not, and so finding the perfect rack for your safe could be key, if your not big on the rifle rod approach mentioned above. Another Idea you may want to consider is having a magnetic rifle rack placed outside your safe.  This seems a little counter intuitive, but it can be a great place to rest a rifle while organizing your safe, or other such activities.  Find our rack reviews here, or purchase online here.

Even More Safe Accessories

It is hard to believe, but this is only the beginning when it come to gun safe accessories.  There are simply many more safe accessories such as document holders, rust inhibitors, jewelry, hygrometer,  alarm systems, security cameras, silicone gun protection, wipe down kits, gun socks, and even mirrors, and jewellery boxes.  We will review it all here at Garry’s Gun Safe Accessories! Check our ‘More Accessories’ section of the site for further details. (coming soon)

There are a plethora of gun safe accessories on the market that can help you stay organized which is a big part of firearm safety in any home. As you shop for different types of accessories to add to your space, consider your own needs, budget, lifestyle, and our reviews.  If you enjoyed this post then please share it on the social network of your choice, and then explore our other more product specific reviews which can be found using the navigation bar at the top of the site.  Thank you for reading Garry’s Gun Safe Accessories, and feel free to contact us with questions you may have, feedback you can give us, or share a tale about your guns!

Rifle Rods

Welcome to the complete review of rifle rods by Garry’s Gun Safe Accessories.  Gun Storage Solutions promote this product as the best way to save space in your safe, but are these rods really the ultimate firearm safe accessory?

The Thirty Second Review:

These rods are  are an accessory to rifle gun safe that gun enthusiasts love.  They are not a perfect product, but they are easy to implement, quickly allowing you to expand the space in your firearm safe, which can obviously save you from purchasing another safe, or just help you clean things up. Additionally the firearm rods are a versatile accessory allowing you to use them in gun cabinets, or even in closets, just be sure to keep them locked!  As mentioned these rods are not a flawless product, there is a small chance the rods could dislodge in your gun, sometimes the rods do not fit a particular rifle as snugly as you would like, and they do add to the risk of corrosion because the guns are packed in so tight.  Ultimately, the pros outweigh the cons because the most serious cons can be mitigated through routine firearm care.  The internet is absolutely full on positive reviews…but read on to get all the details about this unique gun safe accessory or watch an abridged version in the video below:

Features of Gun Storage Solutions Rifle Rods

– Come with industrial grade loop fabric
– Velcro hook on head
– Fits on small 17- 22 calibre
– Work well with scopes and single/double barrel guns
– Features injection molded plastic

Why You Should Invest in Rifle Rods

rfrdSo the features sound great, but lets look at the actual benefits, and address some of the possible concerns which gun enthusiasts just like you have expressed regarding rifle rod use.

Increase Accessibility – At first glance you may think that these gun rods make actually make it harder to get guns in and out of your safe.  The folks over at Sniper Hide Forum suggest that those guns you don’t use as much, maybe the family heirlooms etc, get placed at the back of the safe and those rifles you use more often get positioned at the front of the safe.  Furthermore, there is a general consensus that because the guns are so securely fastened into place that it is far easier to get your rifles in and out with scratches or wear and tear.

Versatility – amazingly, you can use these storage solutions in a wide range of firearm safes and other types of gun storage such as closets and cabinets. And, you can also position them vertically at a place you will find convenient thus making them flexible options. In addition, they also work perfectly with a wide variety of rifles and long guns.

Expand Your Space – these rods can effectively increase the space in your safe 30% to 50%. You will have to remove the detachable shelves in the storage solution and replace them with the easy to fit rods. Once installed rifle rods, will help you stabilize your gun and hold it upright. When the guns are held upright, they will easily fit in the available space. One Amazon reviewer suggests that you can fit 30% more into your safe.  The video below from Gun Storage Solutions clearly demonstrates how easy the rods are to implement, and how much space you can save.

Cost-effective – Another common thread among gun enthusiasts is that the main benefit behind these gun safe accessories is they can help you put-off buying another safe for your rifle collection.  Saving yourself hundreds of dollars while at the same time improving your safes organization is a win win situation.

Top Safe Accessory Pros:

– Expand your space
– Increase your accessibility
– Cost-effective
– Versatility

Possible Put-offs When Considering This New Gun Safe Accessory

Although they allow you to maximize the use of storage space and help with accessibility, nonetheless, the rods have some cons which you should also consider:

Invasive – pushing rods into your rifle does not seem like such a great idea.  Many folks have suggested that a big problem with the rods can be having a small part of the rod break off and lodge in your gun.  As you can imagine this could lead to injury.  However, Gun Storage Solutions has made a quality product with injection molded plastic,and this would be highly unlikely.  But it goes without saying always inspect your firearms before use.

One Size Fits All – These rods are designed to fit into a variety of rifles, and so they do not always have a perfect fit.  This could make them a bit sloppy when the bore is wider than average, or if the gun is shorter.  In fact you may need to create a booster shelf in your safe to ensure shorter rifles fit properly into your safe.

Corrosion – One sceptical commenter on the Sniper Hide message board suggests that because of the close proximity of rifles, that you could end up with a corrosion problem.  However, even those that have used these safe accessories long term suggest that this has not been a problem.  Even still, I would suggest picking up and dehumidifier if you do not already have one, or picking up a larger one if you live in a humid climate.

Cons Summary:

– Invasive rods could dislodge in your gun is not properly used
– These rifle rods are one size fits all, but that means they don’t always fit well
– Corrosion could be a more likely problem if you do not properly address the issue

In conclusion, these rods are great gun safe accessories for upgrading any kind of storage solution.  Effectively organize your space better making it easier to get your rifles in and out of your safe and preventing you from needing to upgrade to a larger safe.  Gun Storage Solutions sells these rifle rods in small, medium, and larger packs, check here for the latest price.

Author: Garry Guns


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Rifle Rods banner image provided by Image: ntwowe / FreeDigitalPhotos.net to see other photographers see our about us page.

Gun Safe Door Organizer

Welcome to Garry’s Gun Safe Accessories for a review on a great gun safe door organizer by Cannon. The Cannon Safe 9000-Pistol 2009 Door Panel Organizer provides all that you are looking for, if you want a quality gun safe organizer.

The Skinny on Cannon’s Door Safe Organizer

Some of the main benefits of this safe accessory are the easy to use installation clips, with no drilling needed.  Customization of the panel thanks to Velcro holsters.  The ability to fit both small in large safes, and all at an affordable price.  But of course this gun safe door organizer is not a flawless product.  It has been suggested that the material used to make to panel isn’t of the highest quality, and although it will fit any safe, it is primarily made for Cannon safes.  In the end  we suggest that this is one of the best  on the market, but you will need to read on to get all the details….

Organizer Panel = Firearm Safety?

Obviously, the primary advantage to having a door panel is to organize your firearm safe. But to add to that rather apparent perk this should add to firearm safety in your home.  An organized safe is one in which you can quickly take an inventory meaning you can insure all firearms are accounted for, and therefore securely in your safe.

What’s This? A Gun Safe Door Organizer With Easy Installation?

gsdrThe product features six configurable holsters with Velcro backing, designed for quick and easy positioning.  It also includes two multi-utility pockets for additional storage, and requires no drilling thanks to easy to use clips.

One of the primary benefits of this particular door panel organizer is the fact it is easily installed using the aforementioned clips, so it doesn’t need to be screwed in or attached an in other way.  This means you have more time at the range and less frustrating assembly time.

Installation Summary:

• The Cannon gun safe door organizer panel can be hooked behind most safe doors with the height of 60 to 70 inches. Using the hook and loop fasteners, the holsters and pockets easily attach to the panel.
• The kit comes with 6 holsters that you can easily reposition trough the Velcro design.
• It has a felt like panel that you can hang on the back of the door of the safe.
• The kit has two mesh pockets.
• The kit is designed for thin back door cover or for slots. If the door has a fire liner or a drywall, you can bend the clips so that they fit.

Customize Your Organizer Panel Accessory

The Amazon reviews also suggest that the another great feature of this product is the configurable holsters that can be easily reposition because they are Velcro-ed on. This allows you to customize your gun door organizer, and one particular reviewer suggests that this will let you put the bigger guns higher on the door organizer panel so that when the safe door opens and closes it will not swing off the door. Alternatively, you could find a way to secure the lower part of the panel by screwing or fastening it, but arranging your pistols from big (top) to small (bottom) keeps the door panel secure.

The multi purpose pockets are also very useful in storing little items that create clutter on your safes shelves. You can place your knives, your jewelry, your badges, insignias, and the like into these multi-purpose pockets without worrying about them getting scratched or collecting dust.

Small and Large Gun Safe Accessory:

Another Great benefit to this gun safe door organizer is that it can fit smaller or larger safes of all types, Liberty, Sentry, and of course Cannon.  If you start by purchasing one for a smaller safe and then down the line you want to upgrade to a larger safe, you can detach the door panel, purchase another, and place both on your new safe.  Just keep in mind that the dimensions of the product are 3.8 x 17 x 7.  Of course if you already have a larger safe then you could always buy one panel to see if you like the product, and buy a second if you think it’s worth the price.  If this safe sounds like the right gun safe accessory for you then click here for the best price online.

Pros of Cannon’s Safe Door Organizer

Affordable Price
Frees up space in your safe
Helps with firearm safety
Easy Installation
Fits a variety of safe sizes

Not Another Bias Review?

Just like any product, the safe door organizer panel is not a perfect product. First is that it was designed primarily for Cannon safes. The hook does not fit in bigger firearm safe doors. Nevertheless, you can still adjust the hook to fit thicker doors or find another way to install it.

Next, the materials used for the product may initially seem cheap and you might just get an impression that they are not the highest of quality. But really this should be expected because the Cannon door organizer is very affordable. One Reviewer suggests that even though he was initially put off by the poor quality of the material that his organizer is still attached to his safe door, and no holsters have fallen off, which is the most important fact.

Cons Summarized

Although it fits a variety of safes Cannon safe owners will have the easiest time installing
The door safe panel can tend to swing if pistols are not positioned properly
The material is not the highest of quality

The Final Word On Gun Safe Accessories

All in all, the Cannon Safe 9000 gun safe door organizer is one of the best gun safe accessories on the market. It is efficient in organizing your safe, can be easily installed and comes at a great price.  The main advantage it has over other products like the Liberty gun safe organizer panel is it ability to be customized. With its price, surely you will find great value for your money. Click here to find the best price online for the Cannon Safe 9000-Pistol 2009 gun safe door organizer.



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